The origin of money in America -- The monetary system of the colonial period -- The origin of the Spanish-American peso -- The currency of the colonial period prior to the establishment of the mint -- The establishment of the mint and its results -- The weight, fineness and exchange>ratio of the coins struck at the mint -- The purchasing power of money as reflected in the general level of prices at the close of the eighteenth century -- The reason for the non-existence of banks in the colonial period -- The transition from the currency of the colonial period to that of the independent republic -- The monetary situation of Chile in the first years of its independence -- The first monetary law approved by the National Congress -- The monetary law of 1848 -- The subsidiary or ‘ token ’ coins -- The first efforts put forth to establish a bank in Chile -- Continuation of the efforts put forth to establish banks in Chile -- The failure of the bank enterprise of Señor Arcos -- The monetary law of 1851 -- The monetary law of 1860 -- The development of views in favour of the free issue of bank notes, and the establishment of the first banks -- The bank of issue law of July 23, 1860 -- The mortgage bank law of August 29, 1855 -- The first credit crisis -- Monetary and banking developments up to the crisis of 1878 -- The crisis of 1878 -- The laws of July 23, 1878, and September 6, 1878, declaring the bank notes inconvertible -- The modification of the economic condition of Chile caused by the declaration of war against Peru and Bolivia -- The monetary and banking condition of Chile after the war against Peru and Bolivia -- The conversion law of March 14, 1887 -- The civil war of 1891 -- The law of September 10, 1892, authorizing the making of contracts in any form of gold or silver currency -- The conversion laws of 1892 and 1893 -- The definitive conversion law of February 11, 1895 -- The gold régime of 1895-8 -- The initiation of the new paper régime in 1898 -- The period of inflation from 1905 to 1907 -- Observations upon the policy of periodically increasing the circulation of treasury notes -- The establishment and development of foreign banks -- The foreign banks considered from the standpoint of the economic interests of the country -- Monetary developments from 1907 to 1913 -- The development of banking operations in Chile -- The Conversion Fund -- The Report of the Monetary and Banking Commission of the Government of Chile -- The Conversion Fund project approved by the Government in December 1913 -- The effect of the outbreak of the World War upon the economic and monetary condition of Chile -- The law of May 22, 1918, regarding the Caja de Emisión -- The need of an institution to regulate bank credits and note issues -- The bank of issue project of 1918 -- The economic and monetary condition of Chile after the World War -- The status of the Conversion Fund -- Summary of facts regarding the monetary system of Chile in 1919 -- Reasons for the delay in the reformation of the Chilean monetary system -- The effect of the World War upon the foreign banks ­- The establishment of the Oficina de Inspección Bancar -- The more common operations of the banks ­­ The fluctuations of exchange -- The quantity of treasury notes and bank notes in circulation -- The development of the operations of the Caja de Crédito Hipoteca -- The operations of the Caja de Crédito Hipotecario in foreign currencies -- The organization of mortgage banks by private companies in conformity with the law of 1855 -- Quotations of the mortgage bonds of the Caja de Crédito Hipotecario and other mortgage banks -- The intervention of the government in the operations of the mortgage banks -- The establishment and development of savings banks -- The value of the exports and imports of Chile -- The public revenues and expenditures of Chile.
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