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dc.contributor.authorBanco Central de Chile
dc.description.tableofcontentsOverview -- Table 1: Central Bank Monetary Program: Targets and Performance, 1986 -- Table 2: Differences between Actual Performance and Target Performance under the IMF Program -- Table 3: Central Bank: Net International Reserves 1986 -- Table 4: Net indebtedness of the non-financial public sector -- Table 4A: Short-term external indebtedness of the nonfinancial public sector and Banco del Estado -- Table 5: Contracting and Guaranteeing of medium-and long-term Foreign Debt by the Non Financial Public Sector -- Table 6: Chile: Balance of Payments 1986-1987 -- Table 6-A: Financial Services -- Table 6-B: Imports, 1986-1987 -- Table 6-C: Volume and Value of Exports: 1986-1987, by Principal Products -- Table 7: Chile: Balance of Payments by Quarters, 1987 -- Table 8: Exports and Imports 1985- 1987 -- Table 9: Net inflows of funds from official organizations and suppliers, 1986-1987 -- Table 10: Foreign debt of Chile 1982-september 1987 -- Table 11: Total Medium and Long Term External Debt according to principal foreign creditors -- Table 12: Schedule of Amortizations of Medium and Long Term External Debt, as of 03.31.87 -- Table 13: Growth rates of gross domestic product by sector -- Table 13A: Gross domestic product spending -- Table 13B: Labor force and unemployment nationwide -- Table 14: Public finance (Consolidated in domestic and foreign currency) -- Table 15: Public sector financial operations, 1986 -- Table 16: Monetary aggregates -- Table 16A: Financial system: deposits and loans -- Table 17: Wages and salaries index, 1977- june 1987 -- Table 18: Interest Rates -- Table 19: Reference and preferential rates of exchange -- Table 20: Price indexes -- Table 21 to Table 21-C : Financial System Indicators -- Table 22-A: Corporate Sector Financial Indicators: Profitability -- Table 22-B: Corporate Sector Financial Indicators: Liquidity -- Table 22-C: Corporate Sector Financial Indicators: Indebtedness -- Chronology of the main economic meaures adopted during july, august and september 1987.
dc.format.extentDocumento Completo
dc.format.medium57 p.
dc.publisherBanco Central de Chile
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Chile*
dc.titleQuarterly economic and financial report of Chile
dc.title.alternativeQuarterly economic and financial report of Chile, September, 1987
dc.type.docInforme trimestral
dc.placeofeditionSantiago, Chile

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Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Chile
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