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      Credibility of emerging markets, foreign investors’ risk perceptions, and capital flows 

      Aguirre R., Álvaro; Fernández, Andrés; Kalemli-Ozcan, Sebnem (Banco Central de Chile, 2023-08-09)
      Emerging market economies (EMEs) are constantly exposed to shocks that originate in world capital markets, posing serious challenges to policymakers. By dealing with these shocks —Covid-19 representing the most recent ...
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      Global drivers and macroeconomic volatility in EMEs: a dynamic-factor, general-equilibrium perspective 

      Bajraj, Gent; Fuentes D., Miguel; García S., Benjamín; Lorca, Jorge; Paillacar, Manuel; Wlasiuk, Juan M.; Fernández, Andrés (Banco Central de Chile, 2023-08-09)
      A common view held by academics as well as policymakers assigns an important role to global factors as drivers of fluctuations in economic activity in emerging market economies (EMEs). This follows naturally from the fact ...
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      How important is the commodity supercycle? 

      Fernández, Andrés; Schmitt-Grohé, Stephanie; Uribe, Martín (Banco Central de Chile, 2023-08-09)
      World commodity prices are known to display long cycles. These cycles have a periodicity of 20 to 30 years and are called commodityprice supercycles. Figure 1 displays the time paths of eleven commodity prices deflated by ...