The importance of the labor market is indisputable. The countries' economic outcomes rely to a significant extent on its performance, as production, economic growth, and prices are all intimately linked with it. Moreover, the functioning of the labor market is a key determinant of social welfare. Elements such as unemployment and its duration, job quality, wages and compensations, greatly influence individual well being, and are in turn greatly influenced by the performance of the labor market and its institutions. Thus, labor markets and their response to shocks or changing conditions, the functioning of labor institutions under different scenarios, the ways in which they can be modified to improve their efficiency and the endogeneity of sub-optimal institutional arrangements, are some of the very significant issues that are analyzed in the collection of studies included in this book. Surely, it will contribute to a better understanding of this market by proposing new empirical evaluation approaches, and will enlighten the policy discussion by suggesting ways to improve the design of labor regulations and institutions.
Labor markets and institutions : an overview / Jorge E. Restrepo, Andrea Tokman R. -- Distribution, efficiency, and labor market regulation: in theory, in OECD countries, and in Latin America / Giuseppe Bertola -- On the effects of targeted employment policies / Juan J. Dolado, Marcel Jansen, Juan F. Jimeno -- Who benefits from labor market regulations? Chile 1960-1998 / Claudio Montenegro, Carmen Pagés -- Unemployment-poverty tradeoffs / Pierre-Richard Agénor -- Are labor market regulations an obstacle for long-term growth? / César Calderón, Alberto Chong -- Labor market regulations and income inequality: Evidence for a panel of countries / César Calderón, Alberto Chong, Rodrigo Valdés -- Did european labor markets become more competitive in the 1990s? Evidence from estimated worker rents / Gilles Saint-Paul -- Assessing the flexibility of the labor market in Chile: An international perspective / Elías Albagli, Pablo García, Jorge E. Restrepo -- Microeconomic flexibility in Latin America / Ricardo Caballero, Eduardo Engel, Alejandro Micco -- Designing labor market institutions / Olivier Blanchard -- Dynamics of earnings in Chile / Cristóbal Huneeus, Andrea Repetto -- Trade orientation and labor market evolution: Evidence from chilean plant-level data / Olga Fuentes, Simon Gilchrist.
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