The papers that comprise the different chapters of this volume were presented in the XVII Annual Conference on Central Banking that took place at the Central Bank of Chile, Santiago, during November 14 and 15, 2011. While the global economic environment has changed considerably from the end of 2011 to the present for advanced and emerging economies alike, the themes and policy issues addressed by these papers share a timeless dimension. Collectively, the studies that comprise this volume deal with various aspects of the causes, consequences, and policy challenges associated with the repeated boom-bust cycles that have characterized market economies throughout most of their history. The papers have a decided openeconomy focus and connect the prosperity-crisis-depression cycle to international capital flows and their impact on domestic and external indebtedness, currency fluctuations, and the banking sector; their connection to global factors, such as international interest rates, commodity prices and crises or turbulence outside the national borders is explored. While the analysis is tilted towards emerging markets, particularly in Latin America, the relevance of these topics for mature economies has been made plain by the Global Financial Crisis.
Capital mobility and monetary policy: an overview / Miguel Fuentes D., Claudio E. Raddatz, and Carmen M. Reinhart -- Adapting macroprudential policies to global liquidity conditions / Hun Song Shin -- Pegs, downward wage rigidity and unemployment: the role of financial structure / Stephanie Schmitt-Grohe? and Marti?n Uribe -- A decade of debt / Carmen M. Reinhart and Kenneth S. Rogoff -- Tales of two recessions in Chile: financial frictions in 1999 and 2009 / Miguel Fuentes D. and Diego Saravia -- An anatomy of credit booms and their demise / Enrique G. Mendoza and Marco E. Terrones -- Captial controls and foreign exchange policy / Marcel Fratzscher -- Capital inflows and books in asset prices: evidence from a panel of countries / Eduardo Olaberri?a -- Debt- and equity-led capital flow episodes / Kristin J. Forbes and Francis E. Warnock.
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