The Book Series on "Central Banking, Analysis, and Economic Policies" of the Central Bank of Chile publishes new research on central banking and economics in general, with special emphasis on issues and fields that are relevant to economic policies in developing economies. The volumes are published in Spanish or English. Policy usefulness, high-quality research, and relevance to Chile and other economies are the main criteria for publishing books. Most research in this Series has been conducted in or sponsored by the Central Bank of Chile. Book manuscripts are submitted to the Series editors for a review process with active participation by outside referees. The Series editors submit manuscripts for final approval to the Editorial Board of the Series and to the Board of the Central Bank of Chile. Publication both in paper and electronic format.
Global Liquidity, Spillovers to Emerging Markets and Policy Responses: An Overview / Claudio Raddatz, Diego Saravia, and Jaume Ventura -- Trilemmas and Tradeoffs: Living with Financial Globalization / Maurice Obstfeld -- Corporate Saving in Global Rebalancing / Philippe Bacchetta and Kenza Benhima -- Global Imbalances and External Adjustment After the Crisis / Philip R. Lane and Gian Maria Milesi-Ferretti -- Saving Distortions, Undervalued Exchange Rates, and Protectionism / Arnaud Costinot, Guido Lorenzoni, and Iván Werning -- Domestic Financial Frictions and the Transmission of Foreign Shocks in Chile / Javier García-Cicco, Markus Kirchner, and Santiago Justel -- Sterilized Foreign Exchange Interventions under Inflation Targeting / Jonathan D. Ostry, Atish R. Ghosh, and Marcos Chamon -- The Carry Trade in Industrialized and Emerging Markets / Craig Burnside -- Spillovers to Emerging Markets during Global Financial Crisis / Sebnem Kalemli-Özcan -- Asset Bubbles and Sudden Stops in a Small Open Economy /Alberto Martin and Jaume Ventura.
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